Building A Second Story Addition In Fairfax
Station When You’re Expecting A Baby

Maximizing Space For Your Little One
And Bringing The Family Together

Additional stories in Fairfax Station are a wonderful way to add space without taking away from any other part of your property. Whether you want a space for your parents or an extravagant family room, these additions are ideal. But one of the best uses for a second story – or third story – is to make life easier for you and your baby.

For Schroeder Design Build, family is the number one focus on life. That’s why we love creating spaces to improve the lives of families – even if that family is just getting started.

Get Your Second Story Addition
Now…Before Baby Is Born

Construction work can be an imposition at any stage of your life. But there’s no time that requires your full attention more than when you have a new baby. During infancy, you may not just feel distracted by the noise of construction work, but you also may miss naps, and your baby may be awoken or disturbed by the noises. There may also be sawdust and other particles floating around that aren’t ideal for having a baby around.

While Schroeder Design Build does its best to create a safe and quiet environment, we don’t have silencers for our power tools. That’s why we recommend getting the majority of your remodeling done before the baby is born.

The Perfect Nursery With A
Second Floor Addition

Many expecting parents are quick to use a closet or an office for their nursery. This works in a pinch, but in the long term, you’re going to need something bigger. You also miss out on that office or closet.

When you build a second-story addition for your nursery, you can dream big. Build that perfect nursery that your baby will grow in, giving them space when they’re a child, teen, and even adult.

Second Floor Additions Make Yard
Space For Essential Playtime

If you’re going to add on anyway, a second-story addition is usually more beneficial than a regular addition. When you build an addition to the side of your house, you take up valuable yard space. This yard may be where your child will spend a lot of time when they get older.

You may want space for a swingset or a pool. There may be times when it feels necessary to add on. But why use that space for a room when you can build up?

Get Your Dream Primary Bedroom
With An Additional Story

Let’s face it: one day, you’re going to be an empty nester. It may be twenty years in the future, but adding on is going to be cheaper now than it will be in 20 years. If you need extra space now for your baby, why use the new space for your bedroom?

For the time being, you can have a nursery space upstairs with you and a playroom downstairs in your old bedroom. The upstairs space is likely going to be larger and more beautiful, so consider using it for your dream bedroom.

Create Your Second Story Addition
That’s Perfect For Aging in Place

Are your parents going to be visiting Fairfax County, Virginia more often after the baby is born? Don’t worry; it’s normal to want to create a space that’s just for them. A space that is perfect for them now and perfect for you later.

We call these areas aging-in-place designs. They have features that make life easier for seniors and those with disabilities. These features include level floors without step-downs, counters that are the proper height, and so much more tailored to your specific needs.

Add Features To Improve Life With Baby
In Your Second Floor Addition

If you’re building a nursery for your baby, why not add some features designed specifically for life with a baby? These may be a built-in changing station, high shelves, and outlet covers. You can have any feature you want, and it can be built with an easy way to remove the feature or transition it as the baby grows older.

Choose A Second Story Addition Contractor In
Fairfax County, Virginia With Baby In Mind

At Schroeder Design Build, we have strict job site safety standards. The rules we make for our site come easy to us because we are a multi-generational, family-oriented company. We spend our free time with our kids and grandkids.

But while we’re at work, Schroeder Design Build is focused on you. Are you ready to talk about an additional story for your Fairfax Station home? Call us today at (703) 449-1700 for a free estimate.