Not Sure What To Do With The Extra Space?
Get Some Ideas For Your Home Addition

If you live in the City of Fairfax, home additions can be a great investment. Whether you’re accommodating your growing family or simply want to increase your home’s value before you put it on the market, Schroeder Design Build can help build the home addition of your dreams.

Many City of Fairfax homeowners struggle to know what to do with all the extra space a home addition provides. With so many great options out there, who can blame them? Many homeowners, when faced with their family’s growing needs, find themselves in the position to either add on or move to a new home.

With a deluxe home addition, possibilities are endless, from home gyms to hobby rooms to a kids’ playroom that the children will cherish for years to come.

Let’s look at some luxurious home addition ideas for your City of Fairfax home.

Idea 1: Turn Your Addition Into A Home Gym

Staying in shape is important no matter your age, and busy families are no exception. Since finding time to head to the gym is difficult, why not install a home or garage gym? That way, you can stay in shape in the comfort of your own home.

Your home addition doesn’t have to be huge to be luxurious. Use high-grade tile or scratch-resistant wood flooring to give your home gym that luxurious feeling. Invest in exercise equipment and entertainment (of course!) so you won’t be stuck looking at a blank wall for the duration of your workout.

For extra ease, add a walk-in shower to wash up after a workout session.

Idea 2: Use Your Home Addition For Extra Revenue

If your home addition is big enough, you could turn it into a separate apartment – complete with its own bathroom, kitchenette, and separate entrance – and rent it out to bring in extra revenue. The City of Fairfax is a popular and expensive area, so finding a renter won’t be difficult.

Idea 3: Transform Your Home Addition Into A Playroom For The Kids

If you have children or grandchildren, a playroom is an excellent option for your home addition. Consider colorful paint and carpet and invest in storage solutions that make cleanup a breeze.

Complete the playroom with an entertainment system for movies and plenty of table space for arts and crafts.

Idea 4: Expand Your Kitchen With A Home Addition

Is your kitchen your happy place in your home? Do you enjoy whipping up delicious meals for family and friends? Then, consider expanding your kitchen with a home addition. Even a few extra square feet can make a world of difference to your kitchen space.

Idea 5: Create A Spa-Like Bathroom Retreat With Your Addition

If you’re tired of coming home after a long day of work to a cramped, drab bathroom, consider using a room addition to spruce up your master bath.

Add a freestanding tub for luxurious soaking and a sleek walk-in shower for a seamless morning routine. Treat yourself to the bathroom of your dreams by simply adding a little more space!

Idea 6: Add An Extra Bedroom To Your Home With A Room Addition

Whether you need more space for your growing or extended family or are considering putting your house on the market, adding an extra bedroom to your home in the City of Fairfax is an excellent idea. Having more bedrooms can mean fetching a higher price for your home if you want to sell.

Idea 7: Turn Your Room Addition Into A Hobby Room

If you have hobbies that seem to always spill out into other areas of the home (crafts invading the kitchen table, sewing machines taking up valuable space in your living room, etc.), what better use for your addition than a hobby room? Make sure to invest in storage solutions so you know where everything is!

Idea 8: Create A Home Theater With An Addition

What better way to spend the evening when Friday night comes rolling around than as a family movie night? With plush recliners and a big-screen TV, a home theater will have plenty of room for the whole family to enjoy time together with your favorite films.

Idea 9: Add A Sunroom Or Porch

Sunroom Addition City Of Fairfax Schroeder Design Build

Adding a beautiful sunroom or porch is a great way to boost your home’s value and give a luxurious feel to your northern Virginia home. Enjoy the sun without the chill during the winter months, and have a place for your houseplants to flourish.

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Whether you have the perfect idea of what to do with your home addition or are still trying to narrow down your options, Schroeder Design Build is here for you. We put our customers first and take the time to understand what you want out of your home addition.

Schroeder Design Build is trusted by homeowners throughout Fairfax County for quality home additions and excellent service. If you’re thinking of adding a room addition to your home or just have a couple of questions, fill out our online form.