Blair Anderson Award

At Schroeder Design Build, we strive to surpass the expectations of our valued clients, and this goal is made possible by the unwavering dedication, talent, and passion of our experienced team.

In honor of Blair Anderson, a cherished member of our team and lead carpenter who sadly passed away in 2017, we have established the Blair Anderson Award. Blair embodied the core qualities and values that define Schroeder Design Build: exceptional commitment, outstanding job performance, excellent customer service, unwavering integrity, and a respected role model.

Blair played a pivotal role within our organization, contributing to the development of team policies and upholding the high standards that have become synonymous with Schroeder Design Build. His meticulous attention to detail and genuine care for our clients made him beloved by all. Even after his passing, we continue to pay tribute to Blair and his legacy every quarter as a testament to his enduring impact on our company.

Award Winning Home Remodeling Company
Blair Anderson

Here are the team members we celebrate each quarter:

tehran brown q1 2024 award winner

TEHRAN BROWN Q1 2024 Award Recipient

  • Constantly checking on things. Always available and easy to talk with. Makes any problem feel like less of a problem, and more as a learning experience. I like passing by her office when I am leaving and she always has a smile.
  • For handling an above-average workload and still being able to give the company the compassion in a tough situation.
  • For always ensuring our staff is good mentally and physically-work related or otherwise. She genuinely cares for well-being, and it is much appreciated! 🙂
  • Exemplifies the qualities of Blair Anderson: exceptional commitment to growing her department and the company, highest integrity, commands the respect and admiration of a room. She boosts us all with her encouraging words.
sara hernandez blair anderson award

SARA HERNANDEZ Q4 2023 Award Recipient

Schroeder Design Build’s Production Coordinator, Sara Hernandez has been nominated by her peers for doing a job well done:

Let’s celebrate our winner, Sara Hernandez, who joined us in October 2023: Sara embodies a relentless pursuit of knowledge, fearlessly asking questions and consistently seeking to expand her skills. She is an invaluable member of our production team, demonstrating unwavering commitment to both her colleagues and our clients. Sara consistently delivers outstanding results, tackling every task with speed and precision. With a deep understanding of our processes and mission at SDB, she exemplifies true teamwork and dedication to getting the job done.

2023 Q3 Blair Anderson Award

Jim Baker Q3 2023 Award Recipient

Schroeder Design Build’s Director of Design, Jim Baker has been nominated by his peers for doing a job well done:

  • Drive for results!!
  • Seems to have a solution for almost every problem!
  • Makes his team better
  • Always pushing forward
  • Beacon of hope

With less than a year under his belt, Jim has added tremendous value to his team. Jim jumped into his role as Director of Design and exceeded all expectations. Jim has really owned the design department. He has established a really healthy relationship with his team. Jim fosters healthy relationships across the company working hand in hand with production to ensure seamless turnovers of projects.

Somehow, Jim manages to be in two places at once. He seems to have a solution for almost every problem. Jim is appreciated by his team and colleagues. He has received a host of compliments in praise of his addition here at Schroeder Design Build. He has also received glowing reviews from his colleagues: 1) “He is everywhere, keeping track of everything” and 2) “He is awesome, he is doing great. He has ben helpful since Day 1!”

Gillian Van Nest

Schroeder Design Build’s Team Support Agent, Gillian Snell has been nominated by her peers for doing a job well done:

  • Super helpful
  • Capacity to manage tasks and details is amazing
  • Went above and beyond with assistance with launching new website and logo
  • Fountain of knowledge
  • The Maybach of the company

There really aren’t enough words to thank our Team Support Agent for all that she does. Her hard work behind the scenes does not go unnoticed. Gillian is truly the glue that holds us all together. In her year here at Schroeder Design Build, she has been nothing short of awesome! She has conquered massive projects working hard to bring them across the finish line. She takes pride in being able to support the entire team. She consistently receives Hi-5’s from everybody. She has received amazing reviews from her colleagues. 1.” An ’A’ – game contributor” 2. “Psychic, almost always has an answer before the question is asked” and 3. “The wind beneath my wings” We are truly grateful to have her as part of the team!


Paul Forgét Q4 2022 Award Recipient

Schroeder Design Build’s Project Manager, Paul Forgét has been nominated by his peers for doing a job well done:

  • Being meticulous
  • Forward-thinking
  • Personable
  • Getting work done
  • Being even keel

A newer addition to the Schroeder Design Build team, Paul jumped into his role as a project manager and exceeded all expectations. Taking his responsibility seriously for ensuring timely completion of Schroeder projects and building strong client relationships, he has shown competence in both, in a short period of time. He not only received a top-rated score of “10” from a client survey, but has also received glowing reviews from his colleagues: 1) “Despite having some rough days, Paul is intentional about making the day better,” and 2) “He is awesome, he is doing great. His clients really seem to love him!”

Oswaldo, Award Recipient

Oswaldo Cabrera Q3 2022 Award Recipient

Oswaldo Cabrera has been nominated by his peers for:
  • Always producing quality work
  • Attention to detail
  • Pleasant personality
  • Highest displays of integrity

After being promoted to Site Supervisor, Oswaldo has embraced his new role, firmly committed to going above and beyond. He takes a proactive role in learning and improving his skills, is punctual, efficient, keeps his job sites clean, pays attention to details, and takes enormous pride in his work. Oswaldo exemplifies the professionalism of the Department and the Company and we couldn’t be more proud to have him on the team!

Jessica Page Blair Anderson Award recipient

JESSICA PAGE Q2 2022 Award Recipient

Congratulations to Jessica Page for being awarded SDB’s Blair Anderson Award in the second quarter of 2022. Jessica has gotten recent accolades from clients who expressed deep appreciation for her design excellence on their projects. She also received praise and admiration from her peers for her:  

  • Effective communication with the team
  • Open communication with clients
  • Willingness to help and respond to on-site issues
  • Positive attitude and contagious energy
Kay Bursley

KAY BURSLEY Q1 2022 Award Recipient

Congratulations to Kay Bursley for being awarded SDB’s Blair Anderson Award for the first quarter of 2022. Kay is new to the company, working remotely full-time, and has a proven career trajectory in office work and customer service across numerous industries.  

Some of the reasons Kay was chosen for the award include:

  • She brings 100% dedication to the whole team, every day, making a substantial contribution to the company
  • A great, positive person to work with 
  • Utilizes her problem-solving skills to ensure she helps everyone she can
  • Demonstrates exemplary leadership, reliability, and dependability
Steve Linger

STEVE LINGER Q4 2021 Award Recipient

Congratulations to Steve Linger for being awarded SDB’s Blair Anderson Award in the fourth quarter of 2021. Steve is an integral part of the production team, with an impressive background in project management and construction. 

Some of the reasons Steve was chosen for the award include:

  • His ability to expertly manage multiple projects, despite a very heavy workload
  • His work is consistently done accurately and efficiently 
  • His leadership of a grateful production team 
  • His dedication, hard work, and ambition that makes a noticeable impact on the team and is contagiously emulated throughout the company
Mark Awards Jessica

JESSICA PAGE Q3 2021 Award Recipient

Schroeder Design/Build designer Jessica Page was awarded the Blair Anderson employee of the quarter award for Q3 2021 for her dedication and service to the company. Some of the reasons Jessica was chosen include:

  • Took on responsibilities she is not trained for and did so with verve, passion, friendliness and extra effort
  • Eager to learn in order to improve future projects
  • Good communication between the team and clients
  • Consistently friendly and available to others
  • Cares for her clients
  • Takes care of business and asks good questions

Jessica was nominated by her peers and the award was presented by Mark Gill. Please say “congratulations” the next time you see Jessica.

Claudio Oddo

Claudio Oddo Awarded 2nd Quarter 2021 Blair Anderson Award

We were delighted to present Claudio Oddo with the 2nd Quarter 2021 Blair Anderson Award. Claudio is an Architectural Designer and works closely between departments and with clients to help design their new spaces. He exemplifies the qualities and values we encourage with all our team members.

Some of the reasons Claudio was chosen for the award include:

  • Hard working and professional
  • Took on extra work in the interim before others were hired into his department
  • A team player
  • Always friendly and supportive of others

Be sure to congratulate Claudio the next time you see him!

Ariel Mastbrook

Ariel Mastbrook Awarded 1st Quarter 2021 Blair Anderson Award

Team members at Schroeder Design/Build chose Ariel Mastbrook as the 1st Quarter Blair Anderson Award winner. It was a surprise win! Since Ariel is on the selection committee herself, the rest of the team had to keep this award a secret.

Ariel transitioned from Team Support Agent to Project Developer over the past year and wore many hats as she learned her new role and trained her successor at the front desk. Reasons she was chosen include:

  • Graciously took on double roles for an extended period of time
  • Quickly learned her new role
  • Always upbeat and willing to put in the extra effort
  • Generous to others

Please congratulate Ariel on her award and her new role.

Byron Gonzalez

Byron Gonzales Awarded 4th Quarter 2020 Blair Anderson Award

Schroeder Design/Build was excited to name Byron Gonzales as our 4th Quarter winner of the Blair Anderson Award. Team members are nominated by their peers for outstanding achievements and dedication.

Byron was promoted to Lead Carpenter because of his knowledge and expertise. Some of the reasons he was chosen for this award include:

  • Conscientious that his work is done well
  • Supports and helps the work he works with to ensure that everyone has what they need
  • Nicest guy on the planet!

When you see Byron on the job, be sure to congratulate him.

Selema Lawson-Jack

Selema Lawson-Jack Named Blair Anderson Image Award Winner For Third Quarter 2020

Selema Lawson-Jack was named the third quarter 2020 winner of the quarterly Blair Anderson Image Award.

Some of the reasons she was chosen include:

  • Being a strong leader
  • Dedication to the success of the team and the company
  • Taking on added responsibilites to ensure safety through COVID
  • Being a compassionate and understanding coach to her team
  • Boosting team spirit company-wide
  • Maintaining a pleasant attitude
  • Doing what is needed to get the job done

Selema joined Schroeder Design/Build in August 2018 and has transformed the production department in her role as Director of Production. She is well deserving of this honor that was presented during a virtual company meeting.

Beth Botwright

2020 Second Quarter Blair Anderson Image Award Winners

For the first time, we have selected two of our team members for our quarterly Blair Anderson Image Award. Each of these individuals went above and beyond their normal duties to help our company thrive as the coronavirus pandemic overtook the industry. Our second quarter winners are:

Beth Botwright

Beth is our Chief Accounting Manager and carries many responsibilities including accounting, billing, sales and customer service. Some of the reasons she was selected are:
• Working long hours for weeks to ensure the company and its team members were taken care of financially
• Jumping in to research and secure financial resources during the pandemic
• Going WAY above and beyond
• Always has a smile on her face, even during high-stress situations

Linda Barrett

Linda Barrett

Linda is our Director of Marketing and leads our efforts to interface with the community and provide marketing support to our clients and our team. Some of the reasons she was selected are:
• Awesome team spirit
• Adjusting quickly to COVID-19
• Exceeding goals
• Pride in her work
• Facilitating marketing, social media, and showroom seminars

The awards were presented through a company Zoom meeting during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Jack Canan

2020 First Quarter Blair Anderson Image Award Winner

Jack Canan is the much-deserving winner of our Blair Anderson Image Award for the 1st quarter of 2020. Jack is our Senior Project Manager and an invaluable member of the SDB team. He has a great fun-loving spirit and loves to surprise us with a sci-fi costume, a joke, a gift, or a tasty treat from time to time in addition to performing his job.

Some of the reasons Jack was chosen include:

  • He wears a number of hats, including being our estimator, commercial salesperson, commercial project manager, production fill-in, and director of new home builds
  • He is developing an entire system for commercial and new builds in addition to running that department
  • He worked hard at landing a large commercial account in the first quarter
  • He works steadily and conscientiously with whatever is asked of him, without expecting recognition
  • He always has a cheerful attitude and remembers to appreciate people

Jack works hard and represents the spirit of Schroeder Design Build. This award was presented through a company Zoom meeting during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Nelson Alcocer

2019 Fourth Quarter Blair Anderson Image Award Winner

We are pleased to have selected Nelson Alcocer as our Blair Anderson Image Award Winner for the Fourth Quarter of 2019. Nelson is one our expert carpenters and a member of the team that is creating dream homes for our clients.

Here are some of the reasons Nelson was the winner:

  • He takes care of his customers and receives high praise from both our clients and the other team members
  • He brings in his projects on time and on budget
  • He produces high-quality work
  • He is fun to work with

Nelson really represents what Schroeder Design/Build is all about and is well deserving of this honor. The award was presented at our Holiday get-together.

Mark Gill

2019 Third Quarter Blair Anderson Image Award Winner

We are proud to announce that Mark Gill was named the third quarter winner of the Blair Anderson Image Award. Mark is a co-owner of Schroeder Design/Build and wears many hats including that of General Manager.

Throughout some recent organizational changes and hirings, Mark took on many roles within the company, which was one of the biggest reasons for his being chosen this quarter.

Other reasons Mark was the winner include:

· He led the team at a major client job

· He does what it takes to keep all the jobs going

· He always has an open door policy, without judgment

· He is always working hard and helpful to anyone who needs it

Even though Mark tried to decline the award, stating that owners weren’t eligible, the vote carried.

Oswaldo Cabrera

2019 Second Quarter Blair Anderson Image Award Winner

Schroeder Design/Build is pleased to announce that Oswaldo Cabrera was named the Blair Anderson Image Award winner for the second quarter of 2019. Oswaldo works hard as a carpenter and makes our company look good.

Some of the reasons why he was chosen include:

· The quality of his work and his overall performance is outstanding

· He never complains and is always smiling

· He is a team player

Congratulations Oswaldo for your great work!

Juan Velasquez

2019 First Quarter Blair Anderson Image Award Winner

The SDB team was proud to honor Juan Velasquez with the Blair Anderson Image Award for the first quarter of 2019. Juan is our Real Estate Acquisition Director and works tirelessly to show the remodeled properties we have for sale, and showcase our new construction—also for sale! You might find him any weekend holding an Open House.

We thought Juan should win this award for:

· Doing all the right activities that yield positive results;

· Always having a smile and being willing to help; and

· Being open to lending an ear.

In addition, Juan is instrumental in keeping his ear to the ground to find new real estate projects for the company. He looks for lots where we can build new construction, and tear-down/rebuild and remodeling opportunities. If you have a home to sell and don’t want to fix it up, talk to Juan. We often buy houses “as is.”

Congratulations Juan for a great job!

Deirdre Q4 2018 Blair Anderson Award Winner

2018 Fourth Quarter Blair Anderson Image Award Winner

Deirdre has been working in the remodeling industry since 1995! She enjoys hanging out with her 8 (you read that correctly) rescue pets, including 3 dogs, 4 ferrets, and 1 cat. She also enjoys visiting local wineries with her husband as well as sketching and painting portraits.

Deirdre’s Fun Facts:

  • Worked as a Script Supervisor for small independent films when living in CA, and as a teleprompter operator on set for the show “House Detective.” I had the opportunity to work with Francis Ford Coppola and the cast of his film, “The Rainmaker” (including John Voight, Danny Glover, Matt Damon and Danny DiVito) – that was a cool day.
  • Travelled to all 50 states including Alaska and Hawaii, and driven across the country 8 times.
  • Skied the Zugspitze of the Bavarian Alps. It is the highest mountain in Germany (in Garmisch-Partenkirchen).

Deirdre was nominated by her peers because she absolutely outperforms expectations, she works well with the team, and she owns her job and responsibilities.

Congratulations, Deirdre! Your hard work never ceases to amaze us!


2018 Third Quarter Blair Anderson Image Award Winner

SDB and our team members are proud and honored to award our Blair Anderson Image Award to Ron, Project Manager.  Ron has been with our company for 3 years and he consistently gives 100% in all the projects that he manages.

  • He is a tremendous asset to our growing company and team
  • Works very hard and diligent
  • Admirable and a great example of team player and leader
  • He has vast construction knowledge and passion for what he does especially since he has been in the industry for 40 years
  • Our clients and our team members enjoy working with him
  • When he is not managing a project and our awesome Field Team, Ron enjoys spending wonderful quality time with his wife, family, and grandchildren.
  • He enjoys hunting and competes in archery.

Congratulations to Ron Meinert for being awarded our Blair Anderson Image Award for Quarter 3. Ron has been a Project Manager with SDB for three years and brings 40 years of professional construction experience to our team.

As an integral member of our production team, he exhibits integrity, honesty, and a passion for what he does every day.  Ron always puts the company first and goes above and beyond, which makes him a great team player and leader.  Performing his work to the highest standards is a personal expectation that he passes along to his team members.

In his spare time, Ron enjoys spending time with family, especially his grandchildren. Hunting is a favorite past time and he even competes in archery tournaments!

Thank you Ron for all that you do!

Nina Carhuarica

2018 Second Quarter Blair Anderson Award Winner

The SDB Team would like to present our second quarter Blair Anderson Award to Nina Carhuarica.  She has been an Interior Designer with us for 3 1/2 years and works with our clients to bring their dream home to life.

As a key member of our design team, she is always professional, brings a positive attitude, and has stepped up on taking control of other projects.  In addition, Nina’s outstanding customer service skills and willingness to train others made her an obvious choice for this award.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling and seeking enriched cultures and good eats!  Nina is also dedicated to her fur babies, a lab pup and 2 orange tabby cats and loves taking them on walks.  Yes, the cats too!  In the future, she’s like to take her pets along with her on traveling adventures.  Nina also enjoys playing volleyball and taking dance fitness classes.

Congratulations Nina for all that you do!

Andrew Schroeder with Ray Taber

2018 First Quarter Blair Anderson Award Winner

Ray Taber, congratulations on receiving the Blair Anderson Award!  Ray has been with us for almost a year and brings 16 years of professional construction experience to our team!

Ray exemplifies the qualities of this award.  He is very knowledgeable on all assigned projects, works well with his other team members, and is great with our clients.  He is always helpful, happy to train others, and has a positive attitude with everyone he interacts with.

In his free time, Ray enjoys time with his son, and family, going camping, walking their Chocolate Lab named Taco and making sushi.  He loves entertaining family and friends in bringing laughter through his comedic acts or he may serenade the crowd with his awesome voice.  The SDB team is fortunate that he brings this same fun and exuberant excitement to work as well!

Thank you Ray for all you do!    

Steve Sampson

2017 Fourth Quarter Blair Anderson Award Winner

Congratulations to one of our Lead Carpenters, Steve Sampson!  He is 20-year veteran of the remodeling industry and has been contributing an amazing amount of knowledge to our team for nearly four years.

Steve was selected for his ongoing commitment to fulfilling his job responsibilities in a consistently, friendly, helpful, and conscientious manner.  We are fortunate to have him on our team sharing his breath of expertise with a positive attitude every day on the job site.

In his spare time, Steve enjoys playing a variety of sports, particularly soccer and likes to travel when he can.  He also loves a good game of poker or a plate of delicious Thai food.  But most of all, he finds spending time with his family, including his six grandchildren, to be the most rewarding.

Thanks again for your hard work and dedication!  Way to go Steve!

Morgan Veil

2017 Third Quarter Blair Anderson Award Winner

Congratulations to Morgan Veil, one of SDB’s hard working carpenters, for winning the Blair Anderson Award!  In the year he’s been with SDB, he’s proven to be a valuable member of our team.  Although he’s relatively new with us, he brings seven years of experience in the remodeling industry with him.

Morgan exemplified workmanship, constantly strives to succeed, eagerness to learn, positive attitude and always being on time!  In his spare time, Morgan is quite the outdoorsman and enjoys boating, camping and fishing.  He also loves spending time with his wife Kayla and daughter Skylar.

Way to go Morgan!  Thank you for your continued hard work and dedication!

Fonda Salguero

2017 Second Quarter Blair Anderson Award Winner

We’d like to congratulate Fonda Salguero, Project Developer, on being crowned this award!  Her nomination was well-deserved as she is an exceptional mentor for our Design Team.  She is recognized for her continued hard work, exceptional commitment, and outstanding job performance.

On her spare time, Fonda enjoys spending it with her family, gardening, and having outdoor fun!

Awesome job Fonda!

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