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Sunroom Addition in Burke, VA

Sunroom Addition in Burke, VA

Remodeling Need

The original prefabricated aluminum three-season room had experienced deterioration and leaks, prompting the clients’ desire for a transformative remodeling solution. Our task was to dismantle the existing structure and construct a brand new, insulated, and heated sunroom that seamlessly harmonized with the architectural aesthetics of the house.

Design Solution

Schroeder Design Build’s design team engaged in a collaborative process with the homeowners to create a truly personalized sunroom tailored to their specific requirements. Our innovative design aimed to maximize natural light and panoramic views by incorporating a higher glass-to-wall ratio in the new structure. Achieving this vision required reinforcing and upgrading the existing framework to accommodate the increased glass elements and ensure structural integrity.

To enhance the connectivity between indoor and outdoor spaces, we incorporated a spacious four-panel sliding door that seamlessly transitions onto the existing deck. In addition, we installed large glider windows, which can be opened to create a screen porch atmosphere, blurring the boundaries between the interior and exterior living areas.

With a focus on optimizing airflow and ventilation, our design carefully orchestrated the placement of gliding window panels. These panels were strategically placed to align with the four-panel slider in one direction and the French door leading to the main house in the other direction. This thoughtful arrangement allows for a harmonious cross-breeze, ensuring maximum circulation of fresh air throughout the sunroom.


Recognizing the good condition of the adjacent deck, we made a strategic decision to preserve it. Our construction plans were carefully executed to ensure seamless integration, allowing the new construction to be skillfully built in a manner that enables the deck to be seamlessly reattached, preserving its functionality and aesthetic appeal.


The client’s vision became a reality as they received a sunroom addition that flawlessly integrated with their existing deck, exceeding their expectations. Not only did the project meet all of their requirements, but it was also successfully completed within the designated timeframe and budget. The outcome left the clients overjoyed and immensely satisfied with the results achieved.

Project Location

Existing Floor Plan

Existing Floor Pllan

Proposed Floor Plan

Construction Floor Plan

Trust Your Sunroom or Porch to the Design Build Professionals in Northern VA

Schroeder Design Build has worked with over a thousand clients, many of whom have hired us to design and build their dream sunroom or porch. The secret to our continued success is creating a customized plan that’s well designed and built, ensuring close communication throughout every phase of your project. Our highly-qualified, experienced, and dedicated design, construction, and customer service teams are all under one roof, and focused on you and your family’s needs, every step of the way. 

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