Premium Whole House Remodeling:
Why To Choose A Loudoun County
Contractor With In-House Design

Mixing Designing And Building Saves
Time, Money, And Resources

Remodeling your whole house in Loudoun County may be more seamless than ever, thanks to a method called design-build. This innovative process combines the two major elements of whole house projects into one.

Design-build is the fastest-growing method to deliver construction projects in America. Traditionally, projects go through five separate teams from different companies. The owner of the company you choose hires a designer and a contractor. These two teams hire subcontractors and sub-consultants. Things can get fairly messy with so many hands in the pot.

When you choose design-build, you choose one contractor that oversees in-house teams, which creates a culture of collaboration and open communication. Though many are new to the concept, Schroeder Design Build is a contractor with nearly 40 years of experience. So you can trust that we’re not trend followers; we’re trendsetters.

Save Money With A Whole House Remodel
Contractor That Designs

The primary benefit of choosing a design-build contractor for your whole house remodel is cost savings. By selecting a single remodeler who provides both design and construction services, you avoid the need to hire multiple companies. When you tally the expenses of separate firms and compare them to the investment in a comprehensive design-build approach, the cost differential is substantial.

A House Remodel With Design-Build
Is More Convenient For You

It can be stressful to work with multiple remodelers and designers. But when you choose design-build, you choose convenience. You work with one team throughout the entire project, from conception to completion. This eliminates the need to coordinate between separate design and construction firms, streamlining communication and reducing potential conflicts.

Home Renovation Projects That Add Design
Are More Efficient With Their Time

Streamlining your renovation process with an all-in-one contractor is so much easier by eliminating the hassle of managing conflicts and delays. With cohesive scheduling, your designer, architect, and building team collaborate seamlessly, optimizing material deliveries and project sequencing. Experience efficient progress and timely completion for your whole house renovation.

The Quality Of Your Overall House Remodel
Improves With Design-Build

Not all remodeling contractors employ certified architects, but Schroeder Design Build has two. Though many other contractors offer design services, a certified architect provides many unique advantages.

Architects undergo rigorous education and training. They are well-informed when it comes to building codes and construction techniques, giving them an advantage over a designer.

Due to their background, not only do they have a deep understanding of spatial relationships, aesthetics, and functionality, but they can also handle complex design challenges and ensure structural integrity.

Open Communication Is A Tremendous Benefit
Of A Whole House Design-Build

Communication is better at a design-build firm. Everyone works together to ensure everyone else knows what they’re doing and who needs to be notified of what.

At Schroeder Design Build, you are assigned a dedicated project manager to oversee every aspect of your project. Serving as your main point of contact, they ensure seamless communication and coordination throughout the entire process. Should you have any questions or concerns, your project manager is readily available to address them, providing personalized support and guidance every step of the way.

Whole House Remodel Contractors That
Design and Construct Take Accountability

When dealing with multiple contractors, the blame can easily be shifted from one to another, leading to a lack of accountability. Design-build firms are accountable, however, for every aspect of the project, including cost, schedule, and the quality of the final results.

Schroeder Design Build offers an extensive two-year warranty on all our construction work. This is paired with a manufacturer warranty, so you get double the protection.

A Seamless Whole House Remodel
Process In Loudoun County

Unlike traditional methods that often involve hiring multiple companies and contractors, we offer a comprehensive solution that seamlessly integrates both the design and building phases.

As the leading design-build contractor in Loudoun County, Schroeder Design Build specializes in whole house remodeling to ensure a smooth and efficient process from start to finish. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation and take the first step toward transforming your home.