Empty Nest Whole House Remodels In
Arlington County: Reclaim Your Space

Home Improvements To Make The Most Of
Your Space After The Kids Move Out

A whole house remodel in Arlington County may be just what you need this season. The kids have moved out, and it’s time for you to focus on you for a change. You spent your life devoting your time and efforts – and likely your home renovation choices – to your children. It’s time for a change.

Schroeder Design Build understands this and wants to honor your efforts by helping you feel good about the home you live in. There are so many possibilities to help you make your space your own – it’s all so exciting!

Kick Off Your Home Renovation Project With A New Sunroom

A sunroom is a bonus for any home, but no one enjoys it quite like an empty nester who sees the beauty that few others do. These sunrooms can be a comfortable place to relax year-round, especially in Virginia, as the weather usually permits. They’re one of the most economical home addition options and can be seamlessly integrated into your whole house remodel, yet even on their own, they deliver exceptional value.

Add A New Garden During Your House Remodel

Outdoor gardening is fantastic, but indoor gardening is the new craze. You can transform an old bedroom or a new home addition into an indoor garden that anyone would be jealous of.

Virginia is such a wonderful state to have an indoor garden in, but the best garden requires great care and attention to thrive. Now that you don’t have to take care of the kids, it’s the perfect opportunity to create a magazine-worthy garden.

Add An Accessible Bathroom During Your
Arlington County Whole House Remodel

Proactively initiating aging-in-place remodels before the need arises is a wise choice. Our focus often begins with transforming bathrooms to enhance accessibility and comfort. New handrails, shower seating, and easy-to-access hardware are great first steps.

The point of aging-in-place bathrooms is not to redefine who you are but to offer a safe, convenient, and, most of all, inclusive environment that makes everyone feel comfortable. At Schroeder Design Build, we never compromise on style or luxury in these designs because everyone deserves a luxurious place to relax.

Stepless Entries Throughout The Whole House

Stepless entries benefit both children and adults. Simplifying your home environment is the best approach to aging in place comfortably. It also creates a more seamless design that looks great from any spot in the room. The trend is shifting away from random steps into different spaces, indicating a decline in overall popularity.

A Smart Kitchen House Remodel

Smart kitchens are the future in Arlington County. They integrate the entire kitchen into voice-controlled or touchless systems that allow you to control your appliances in the easiest way possible.

When we design a smart kitchen, we like to adjust countertops, improve walking space, and add built-in appliances to really transform the space.

Improved Flow In The Whole House

Enhancing the flow creates an upgrade that positively impacts every room in the house. By taking out certain walls, rearranging bulky islands, and adjusting the details that matter, we can transform your home into one that incorporates more than feng shui.

A Home Improvement Project Is Never Too Big

Neither is a primary bedroom. One of the first things that empty nesters like to do is remodel their bedroom. They expand the size, add windows, and change up the bathroom while they’re at it. This is an amazing way to make your home feel like yours for the first time in decades.

A Custom Closet Home Renovation Project

It’s easy for the house to get messy when you have kids around. But once they move out and things settle down, it’s a wonderful time to get your house in order. A custom closet is one of the best ways to organize your bedroom.

Have Some Fun With Your
Arlington County Home

If you want a game room or a dance room, we’re here for it. Have some fun by modifying your home renovation project in Arlington County to suit you – not someone else. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and let your home remodeling contractor know what would improve your life the most. If you’re not sure, work with a design build team that collaborates with you, from design through construction to bring your vision to life – wait, that sounds like us!

If you’re ready to talk more about your whole house remodel, Schroeder Design Build is too! Give us a call at 703 449-1700 for a complimentary consultation.