Your home should be a sanctuary; a peaceful place where you can unwind and rejuvenate after a long day. But perhaps your home doesn’t feel calm. Maybe you feel stressed by the clutter and inefficiencies of your space instead of welcomed when you arrive home. Or with more people working from home, you find there’s no place to go to find respite from a hard day’s work. With remodeling, you can make design choices that can significantly influence the atmosphere and overall tranquility of your living space. In this post, you’ll discover practical guidance on the essential design elements that can help you create a relaxing home in Northern Virginia.

The Importance of Functionality to Create a Calming Space

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While aesthetics certainly contribute to the overall ambiance in your home, a well-designed and functional space is essential for achieving true tranquility. Every element in your living space should serve a purpose and enhance your daily life. By optimizing functionality, you can eliminate clutter, streamline your routines and promote a sense of ease and orderliness.

  • Design the layout and flow of your rooms to facilitate effortless movement and access to essential areas
  • Integrate smart storage solutions to keep belongings organized and out of sight
  • Carefully select furniture and fixtures to align with your lifestyle needs that are both comfortable and efficient

Maximize Natural Light Whenever Possible

Natural light can significantly enhance the calming atmosphere of your living spaces. Sunlight is a natural mood booster, promoting feelings of positivity and vitality, and by allowing ample natural light to flood your home, you can create an uplifting and serene ambiance that promotes a sense of well-being. Sunlight also helps regulate our circadian rhythm, promoting better sleep and overall health.

To maximize natural light:

  • Consider the strategic placement or addition of windows, skylights or glass doors to invite sunshine into your home
  • Install skylights or sun tubes
  • Choose light-colored window treatments that allow light to pass through while maintaining privacy
  • Keep windows clean and unobstructed to optimize the amount of light that enters your home
  • Use light-colored paint on walls and ceilings, reflective tile or mirrors to bounce light around the room

Add a Home Addition

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If your current home lacks the space needed to create a relaxing environment, consider a home addition. By expanding your living space, you can design dedicated areas that cater specifically to relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether it’s a cozy nook, a quiet space for mindfulness practices, or a lively area for recreational purposes, a well-designed home addition allows you to tailor your surroundings to create the perfect environment.

  • Consider adding a serene room where you can engage in activities like yoga or meditation. Design it with soothing colors, natural materials and soft lighting to promote tranquility.
  • If you enjoy physical activities for stress relief, a home gym can be a fantastic addition and can eliminate the need for a costly gym membership. Designate an exercise space that allows you to work out at your convenience.
  • Create a game or crafts room that can serve as a space for fun and decompression while providing an outlet for relaxation and entertainment

Design a Calm Cooking Environment

To achieve a calm cooking environment, optimize the function and flow of your kitchen, and empower a kitchen design that enhances relaxation and makes cooking a joyous and peaceful experience.

  • Start by designing zones or a functional work triangle based on how you will use the space
  • Separate areas for food preparation, cooking and cleanup to allow for efficient movement and minimal distractions
  • Organize your kitchen tools and essentials to reduce clutter and give everything a designated place
  • Make clean-up easy with easily-accessible trash and recycling bins
  • Invest in a high-quality venting system or range hood to eliminate cooking odors, maintain fresh air circulation, and help remove smoke and steam
  • Choose easy-to-clean-and-maintain materials for kitchen surfaces. Smooth, non-porous countertops, such as quartz or solid surface options, resist stains are a breeze to wipe clean.
  • Opt for durable, low-maintenance flooring such as ceramic tile or vinyl that can withstand spills and frequent cleaning
  • Add music through your favorite playlist

Design a Calming Bathroom


Transform your bathroom into a haven of relaxation where you can escape the daily stresses and indulge in moments of tranquility and self care.

  • Choose an all-white or cohesive, monochromatic color scheme to create a serene and spa-like atmosphere and evoke a sense of cleanliness and simplicity
  • Incorporate a combination of ambient, task and accent lighting to create a soothing ambiance. Soft, dimmable lighting options help create a relaxing mood, while brighter task lighting ensures functionality during grooming routines.
  • Prioritize long-lasting and easy-to-use options. Durable surfaces like porcelain or ceramic tiles for flooring and walls are not only visually appealing, they also resistant to moisture and easy to clean. High-quality fixtures and fittings are user-friendly.
  • Consider incorporating a curb-less or frameless shower in your bathroom design. A curb-less shower eliminates physical barriers and creates a feeling of openness and spaciousness. A frameless shower enclosure adds elegance and simplicity to the design while also providing ease of maintenance.
  • Go minimal. Create appropriate storage to reduce visual clutter.
  • Use the view or environment to create harmony between indoors and outdoors

Other Design Tips When Remodeling a Calm, Relaxing Home in Northern Virginia

When it comes to creating a peaceful and relaxing home, here are several additional design tips you can use:

  • Adopt Feng Shui principles to help promote the order and tranquility of your home
  • Aim for balanced spaces in both indoor and outdoor areas. Arrange furniture and décor in a way that creates a harmonious flow and equilibrium.
  • Introduce indoor plants to add a touch of natural beauty and improve air quality, while bringing in freshness and serenity
  • Opt for a green or blue color palette in wall paint, furniture or décor. These nature-based colors have a calming effect on the mind and can evoke feelings of relaxation.
  • Design a tech-free room or space to provide a haven for relaxation and mental rejuvenation. Disconnecting from screens and digital distractions allows you to focus on mindfulness and peaceful activities.
  • Utilize natural materials such as wood, stone and bamboo in furniture, flooring and décor elements to create a connection to nature

The Many Benefits of a Relaxing Home

The benefits of designing a relaxing home environment are numerous. A serene space allows you to:

  • Escape the stresses of the outside world
  • Create a much-needed refuge where you can recharge and find solace
  • Promote better mental and emotional health by reducing anxiety and promoting a sense of tranquility
  • Enhance your physical well-being by fostering better sleep patterns and overall relaxation
  • Positively impact your daily routines and productivity. When a space is designed with functionality and order, you can navigate tasks more efficiently.

Creating a calming home environment is a powerful investment in your overall well-being. By incorporating the right principles and design choices into your remodel, you have the ability to transform your living space into a sanctuary that promotes relaxation, rejuvenation and peace of mind.

Let Schroeder Design Build Design and Create Your Relaxing and Peaceful Northern Virginia Home

As a design-build remodeling company that’s been working with Northern Virginia homeowners since 1986, Schroeder Design Build understands the importance of creating a home that nurtures well-being, and knows how to reshape your living space into a haven of tranquility. From our comprehensive approach to understanding how you want to live in your home, to our expert remodeling services, we guide you through every step of the remodeling process to ensure that your vision of a calm and tranquil home becomes a reality.

Some of the benefits of working with us include:

  • Professional design expertise where we work closely with you to understand your preferences, lifestyle and desired atmosphere
  • Customized solutions that align with your specific goals and outcomes
  • Skilled craftsmen and tradespeople who ensure every detail is executed with attention to quality
  • Stress-free project management—we’ll handle the permits, team coordination, budget and timelines so you can sit back and relax
  • Client-centric approach where we value open communication and collaboration, and prioritize your satisfaction above all else

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