Whether you’re thinking about buying a new car or wondering if the latest blockbuster is worth the $12 ticket price, reviews can be invaluable. Amateur reviewers offer insights and opinions that can help you make difficult buying decisions. Although reviews provide important information when you’re choosing a contractor to renovate your Northern Virginia home, they shouldn’t be the only basis for your decision.

Reviews Offer Information on Quality and Professionalism

There are always a few reviewers on every site who write one-line reviews without much substance. Fortunately, most people like to share plenty of details when describing their renovation projects. In fact, you can glean lots of useful information about contractors and the renovation process by reading reviews on Houzz, Yelp, Facebook and other sites.

When you read reviews look for information on:

  • The Finished Project: Were the homeowners happy with the way the renovation looks and the quality of the work performed? Is there anything they would change? Does everything work properly? If not, did the renovator fix the problem promptly? Was the project finished on time?
  • Reliability: Have you ever spent hours waiting for a renovator or contractor who never showed up and never called? The experience can be frustrating and may make you question a contractor’s dedication and worth ethic. Responsible contractors do their best to arrive on time and follow agreed-upon timelines. If they can’t, they get in touch with the homeowners as soon as possible. It may be a bad sign if several reviewers mention reliability issues.
  • Communication: It should never be difficult to get in touch with your renovator. Pay particular attention to reviews that discuss how often the homeowners and renovators talked or texted and how the renovator responded to questions, concerns or complaints.

Not All Reviews Are Accurate

Reviews are admittedly one-sided and may not represent an accurate picture of the remodeling process. If all of the entries except one or two are overwhelmingly positive, take a good look at the negative reviews. It could be that the homeowner had unrealistic expectations or wasn’t prepared to fulfill his or her role in the renovation process. For example, it may have been impossible for the renovator to finish the project by the estimated completion date if the homeowner limited access to the home.

In some cases, reviews aren’t even written by the company’s actual customers. Unscrupulous competitors or bored online trolls may flood a site with inaccurate, false reviews.

Considering Reviews in Your Decision

Reviews should be part of the decision process but shouldn’t be the sole basis for your decision. It’s also important to review the remodeling company’s portfolio and ask for client references. Your gut feeling should also factor into your choice. Do you feel comfortable talking to the contractor? Does he or she explain things clearly and simply? Has the contractor given you a step-by-step overview of the company’s remodeling process? Do you understand the payment process?

Schroeder Design/Build Reviews

Are ready to begin remodeling your Northern Virginia home? We invite you to read our reviews to begin evaluating whether we’re the right fit for your project! Here’s where you can find them:

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