The more information you have, the better when you’re researching Northern Virginia home remodelers. After you’ve reviewed a remodeler’s business philosophy, taken a look at bios of key personnel, and glanced at photos of completed projects on the company website, look for information about awards. Although winning a local or national award doesn’t necessarily mean that a remodeling company is more qualified than other renovators, awards can provide information that will help you make your decision.

Inferior Remodeling Companies Usually Don’t Win Awards

Contest judges look for expert craftsmanship, intricate knowledge of the building process, clean lines and creativity when rating competitors in design and building competitions. Companies that use inferior products or offer sloppy craftsmanship will never make it past the first round of judging.

Renovators that participate in competitions tend to view all projects as possible award winners. Since any remodel could potentially be entered in a contest, you can be assured that award-winning renovators won’t skimp on quality or rush the design or building process.

Contractors often include plans, photographs and detailed descriptions of award-winning projects on their website. Reviewing their completed projects gives you some insight into the way they approach projects and their ability to respond to design or building challenges.

Awards Mean That the Company Is Well-Regarded by Industry Leaders

Competitions are usually judged by professionals who have years of experience in the building and design fields. Judges can often tell at a glance if inferior products or questionable building techniques were used, even if a project is aesthetically pleasing. You may be more likely to have a positive experience when you choose renovators who’ve earned the respect of industry leaders.

Award Winners Finish What They Start

Half-finished projects don’t win awards. If a renovator is recognized for superior achievement in his or her field, he or she is much more likely to arrive at the job site on time and finish projects in a timely manner.  An award can be an excellent indication of a strong work ethic.

Building and Design Awards Aren’t the Only Important Honors

Has the remodeling company been awarded a good neighbor honor by the community or been recognized for its contributions by the local Chamber of Commerce? Non-building awards provide valuable information regarding a company’s character.

If a remodeler is honored for sponsoring a local soccer team, adopting a section of a local highway or mentoring high school students interested in building and design, you can be sure that the company is an active member of the community. Remodelers who are heavily involved in their communities won’t want to risk ruining their reputations with shoddy work.

Builders and designers who interact with the community may also develop close working relationships with the municipal authorities who issue permits and perform inspections. If there’s a problem, they know exactly who to call to straighten out the issue.

Schroeder Design/Build Awards

If you are interested in remodeling your home in Northern Virginia, we invite you review the awards we’ve received! From winning quarterly Blair Image Awards and Remodeler of the Year to receiving NARI regional awards and local recognition in our community, we are proud to showcase the quality of our work and service. Learn more about the awards we received in our News & Highlights and then read about our award-winning projects in our Project Stories!

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