Why An Additional Story In Your Fairfax
Station Home Makes Sense

How An Additional Story To Your
Home Makes A Difference

Adding an additional story in Fairfax Station is an amazing way to add space to your home. By adding a story to your home, you gain extra rooms without taking up valuable lawn space, which is a huge advantage.

Schroeder Design Build loves adding second-story additions to homes in Fairfax County, Virginia. We get to expand on the beauty that is already there while granting a gorgeous view of the area.

Why Move From Fairfax County, Virginia When You
Can Add A Second-Story Addition?

One of the main reasons people add another story in Fairfax is because they don’t want to move. And who can blame them? We live in one of the most beautiful areas in the United States.

Unfortunately, there are times when you need a bigger house. Maybe you’re expecting, or you plan on having your parents move in with you. No matter the reason, it’s possible to fulfill your needs for a larger space without moving. That’s where a second story addition comes in. You can double the size of your house, offering bedrooms, luxurious bathrooms, and even kitchens with your additional story.

Partial Or Full Second Story Additions Give Choices

You don’t have to invest in a full second-story addition to reap the benefits. You can expand over the garage alone, which cuts the cost of your project while giving you much-needed additional space. So, while you can double the size of your house, it’s not necessary.

Schroeder Design Build can offer an array of style and layout options to help you find the best second-story addition for your home. So whether you want a small modern teen bedroom over the garage or a full second-story game room that’s as big as your current house, we can deliver.

You Can Expand To A Three-Story House
With An Additional Story

Yes, that’s right! A three-story house is an expensive investment that is difficult to find in the first place. But you can add a story to almost any two-story house, transforming your home into what feels like a mansion.

Even in houses that seem like they’re “supposed” to be two stories and nothing more, you can expand to create the house of your dreams — no need to follow conventions. Create your own dream house – not someone else’s.

No More Guest House When You Choose An Additional Story

Adding a guest house for your in-laws is not only expensive, but you also need to run more wiring and plumbing than you would if you added a story. When you add a second-story addition, you reduce the amount of new utilities you need to install. You can build on what you have, which is a huge advantage in so many ways.

At Schroeder Design Build, we even offer aging-in-place designs because we know that accessibility is key to creating an inclusive space for your family. When we add a second or third story to your home, we’re more than happy to implement these features into the design.

An Additional Story Makes More
Sense Than A Home Addition

We’re not against home additions. We love home additions, as they are one of our top services. But sometimes, an additional story makes more sense. For example, if you live on a hill or don’t want your yard taken up by another room, then a second-story addition is ideal. It is also cheaper and easier in many cases because you don’t have to add more foundation.

Think about it. Even if you sell, you’re getting so much out of an additional story because you can list your house as having the same amount of yard space yet much more square footage. Now, that’s an incredible value.

Are you interested in learning more about our additional story services in Fairfax Station? Call Schroeder Design Build at (703) 449-1700 today for a free quote. We offer one of the largest selections of home remodeling services in Fairfax County. So if you can dream it – we can probably bring that dream to life.