4 Residential Remodeling Tips To Transform
Your Home In The City Of Alexandria

Design A Home Perfect For You With
Professional Home Renovations

Over the years, you may find that your home isn’t living up to your expectations or functioning how you need it to. In these cases, creative residential remodeling services in the City Of Alexandria can be just what you need.

Whether your home feels too small, you want a new place to relax, or you want features that make your living space function with ease, Schroeder Design Build has you covered.

We have helped hundreds of our clients with creative home renovation solutions. When you come to us, you will fall back in love with your home.

1. Expand Your Home With Second Story
Residential Remodeling Additions

Many of us find that as we expand our families and lives, our homes seem to have less and less space.

Whether you are running out of bedrooms or need some extra office space, a home addition can help address the problem and make your home as comfortable as possible.

Traditionally, home additions are designed to build outward from your home. They are usually found on the first floor and can make your home much larger. But only some homeowners want to build out.

Building out can cut into your available yard space or disrupt the natural flow of your home. Thankfully, there is another solution that homeowners can turn to during their home renovation.

Add more space to your home by building up. A second-story room addition doesn’t take away space from your yard or disrupt the natural flow of your home’s first level. It’s a completely new space that can be designed to be whatever you need.

The team at Schroeder Design Build can help you design the perfect space for your home and build it to meet your every need.

2. Age In Place With Accessible
Home Improvement Projects

There are many ways that homeowners can change the layout or design of their home to make it more accessible. But making your home the perfect place to age-in-place doesn’t have to mean completing a whole home renovation.

Small, creative changes can make all the difference. Improving the lighting in your hallways and stairways to make your home more accessible by enhancing visibility. This makes taking large steps easier and far less dangerous.

Of course, you can also make your home more accessible by eliminating steps throughout. You can do this by installing a walk-in shower, removing steps from your entrances, and ensuring smooth transitions between your home’s flooring.

By making these small changes, you can transform your space and make it safer for all.

3. Create A Multi-Functional Kitchen
With A Custom Home Renovation

Creating a multi-functional space is a wonderful way to transform your home and make it meet your needs. A multi-functional kitchen is one of the best design choices for any homeowner in the City Of Alexandria.

How do you make your kitchen fit for more than just cooking? Consider adding a large island that optimizes your space. An island is a wonderful spot for family gatherings, food prep, or even working from home.

You can also add a small breakfast nook to your kitchen to make it more functional.

4. Include Smart Technology In Your
Residential Remodeling Plan

Introducing smart technology into your kitchen or bathroom’s design can make them both feel like luxury spaces that function like a dream.

Smart technology can be used to set your oven, choose the perfect temperature for your shower, control mood lighting, and more.

By introducing new smart technology into your home, you can completely transform your space.

Are you ready to transform your home with quality residential remodeling services in the City Of Alexandria? Get in touch with Schroeder Design Build to set up a consultation today.