Hastily made decisions can lead to renovation regrets month or even weeks after your kitchen remodel is finished. If you’re planning to remodel your Northern Virginia kitchen soon, you’ll want to be sure to avoid these common remodeling mistakes.

Compromising on Size

Making changes to the square footage of your new kitchen may seem like an easy way to cut costs. Unfortunately, you may soon wish you’d spent a little more on your renovation when you see the results. Your renovator may be able to carve out a little extra space by reconfiguring the layout, but minor alterations to the floor plan probably won’t be sufficient if your current kitchen is cramped.

Enlarging your kitchen now can actually save you money in the long run. Since remodeling costs are likely to be higher in five or 10 years, it’s more economical to choose the kitchen size you really want now.

Relying Too Heavily on Trends

Including too many trends and fads may make look your kitchen look dated in just a few years even if the styles seem refreshingly modern today. After all, the homeowners who chose avocado green appliances in the 1970s probably never imagined how out-of-date their kitchens would look five years later.

Although you’ll certainly want to include features you like, consider limiting one-of-a-kind or trendy finishes or products to areas of the kitchen that aren’t particularly expensive to renovate, like backsplashes or even countertops in some cases.

Not Including Enough Storage

If you’ve been looking at kitchen renovation projects online, you’ve probably noticed the absence of upper cabinets in some of the trendiest kitchens. While this trend may be perfectly fine if you have a very large kitchen, getting rid of much-needed cabinet space can lead to storage issues.

Before you decide to scrap upper or lower cabinets, make sure you have a plan to add storage elsewhere in the room, such as in a pantry or kitchen island.

Speeding Through the Research Phase

Considering the features and finishes you want in your new kitchen and determining how much space you really need is a crucial part of the remodeling process. Although you certainly can make changes during your renovation, last-minute changes will require costly change orders.

Before you choose a product, read reviews and try a sample if possible. Cabinets, countertops, paint and flooring materials can look completely different at various times of day. Evaluate the way the samples look in your kitchen during the early morning, mid-day and evening hours.  A quick test can help you avoid buyer’s remorse. For example, you might discover that the cream cabinet doors you love appear light brown when the sun goes down.

It’s also important to honestly consider the way you’ll care for your kitchen. Marble countertops may be an attractive option, but they stain easily if you spill coffee or juice on them. If you’re looking for a countertop that resists stains, engineered quartz or another material may offer a better choice.

Choosing the Wrong Contractor

Experience matters when it comes to kitchen remodeling. If you choose a contractor who has only completed a few kitchen renovations or focuses primarily on basic remodels, you may be disappointed in the quality of your kitchen. Expert remodelers can share photographs of their projects, offer references from satisfied clients, and show you 3-D illustrations of their proposed designs for your project.

Are you ready to remodel your kitchen? The Schroeder Design/Build team offers superior design and construction skills, plus extensive experience in kitchen remodeling. Contact us to discuss your ideas for your kitchen.


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