Are you contemplating a home remodel but aren’t sure how much you can expect to pay in Northern Virginia? These five factors may affect the cost of your renovation project.

The Big Picture

The scope of your renovation is one of the key factors in cost. The bigger the renovation, the more you’ll pay. You can also expect a higher price tag if your project involves redesigning your floor plan, tearing down walls or building an addition to your home. In the DC Metro area, addition costs range from $90,000 for an upscale bathroom to $281,000 for an entire master suite, according to Remodeling’s 2019 Cost vs. Value report.

Complexity counts too. Straightforward projects are less costly than those that require creative solutions or the services of highly specialized craftsmen. Generally, it’s less expensive to renovate your bedroom, family room or dining room than it is to remodel your kitchen and bathrooms.

Material Costs

Do you plan to include custom features and finishes in your remodel? You’ll pay more for flooring imported from overseas, top-of-the-line appliances, cabinets built to your specifications and other high-end features. Custom products are not costly but may be challenging to install, which may also increase your costs. Special orders cost more and may also extend your timeline if you must wait for them to arrive.

Project Length

Depending on the scope and complexity, remodeling projects can be finished in just a few weeks or can take six months or longer. The longer the project, the more you’ll pay for labor. If you’re planning to renovate your entire home or upgrade your kitchen and bathrooms, you may need to move out temporarily. Although hotel or rental home fees may not be an official part of your remodeling budget, they’ll certainly increase your cash outlay.


Any contractor can install new cabinets or tear down a wall, but it takes someone with significant skill and expertise to perform highly detailed work. Whether you’re adding a stained glass window to the living room or restoring a vintage staircase, you’ll want to hire contractors with specific experience. Not surprisingly, highly skilled carpenters, masons and craftsmen charge a little more, but you’ll be glad you splurged when you see the results.

Plumbing and Electrical Costs

Plumbers and electricians are well-compensated for their services and charge even more for complicated projects. If you plan to move your kitchen sink or range, swap the location of your toilet and shower, or install heated floors or a steam shower, you may see an increase in the plumbing and electrical categories of your budget.

Older homes often have undetected plumbing or electrical issues hidden behind the walls. If the walls or flooring will be removed during your remodel, you may encounter a few problems that must be resolved before work can continue. Adding a 20 percent buffer to your budget will help you ensure that you’re equipped to pay for any issues that may occur during the remodel.

Do you have a few ideas for your renovation? Our design/build team can help you create the ultimate master bedroom suite, update your kitchen or expand the size of your home. Contact us for information about our process.


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