Once your children head off to college or permanently move out you can officially consider yourself an Empty Nester. With this change in household status, you may find yourself walking around your home thinking: “wow this house feels empty” or “we sure do have a lot of extra space.” It’s completely normal to reevaluate your home and the rooms within it once you have an empty nest. If you’ve decided that you want to stay in your house rather than move or downsize, we recommend that you remodel those unused bedrooms to enhance your comfort and lifestyle. After years of having a family focus, it may be hard to make changes based on your own wants or needs, but you definitely deserve it and will enjoy having some space of your own again.

Here are six great empty nester renovations:

1. Guest bedroom. We think it’s a good idea to keep one bedroom available for guests and your children will appreciate still having a place to crash when they come home to visit. The exciting part is that you can decorate the space any way you like.

2. Home office. Even if you don’t need the office space for actual work, you can use it for surfing the internet, reading, or taking care of household business like paying bills or planning vacations.

3. Hobby room. If you have a hobby or special interest transform a bedroom into a place that is dedicated to doing what you enjoy. Customize it to your heart’s content. If you are a musician, soundproof the walls. For sport or craft enthusiasts, add custom built-ins for displaying memorabilia or storing supplies.


Craft studio renovation by Schroeder Design/Build.

4. Closets or dressing room. If you’ve always longed for a spacious closet, now’s your chance to design the one of your dreams. Take inventory of your clothing, shoes, and accessories and have a custom closet system built to hold everything so it’s easy to find. You can also incorporate a vanity or makeup space, a seating area, and even a TV if you like.

Falls Church, VA-Customed Master Bedroom Walk-In Closet

Master walk-in closet renovation by Schroeder Design/Build.

5. Den. Do you wish you had another spot in the house to watch a movie or read? Perhaps you want to remove the TV from your main living room. A den can be that super cozy space in your home where you can kick off your shoes and totally relax.


Basement remodel by Schroeder Design/Build.

6. Laundry room. Like a closet or home office, your laundry room may be one of those spaces that have been relegated to a closet or small room off the kitchen for years. Spread out in one of your unused bedrooms and allow plenty of room for sorting, folding and ironing. If you like, create a laundry/closet combination!

empty nester renovation laundry room

Laundry room renovation by Schroeder Design/Build.

If you’re in an empty nest household and would like to improve the comfort and enjoyment of your home, please reach out to us to discuss your ideas.