Spring is usually one of the busiest times for homeowners to begin their remodeling projects. But this year, with the economic and restrictive effects of the COVID-19 virus, you might be wondering if now is a good time to start your remodeling project.

We’re here to tell you seven great reasons why it is a good idea to plan your remodel now.

Here are the Reasons You Should Be Planning Your Remodel Now:

1. Your Dreams for your Home were Never More Vivid

If you’re stuck at home with the kids underfoot, you’re probably wishing you had more space. Let your imagination roam to the possibilities for remodeling your home. You could renovate a basement space to create a family or game room (a place for the kids to go), you could upgrade your master suite and bath to offer a spa-like retreat from the rest of the house, or you could create an addition to your home (either upwards or out) that would expand the floor space, add rooms, and open up views.

You are probably spending more time in your kitchen as well and wishing you had more counter space, better cabinets or newer appliances. Let your dreams run wild. But don’t stop there. Call us now to talk about making these dreams a reality!

2. Remodeling Loan Rates Have Never Been Better

We are seeing loan rates as low as they’ve ever been—or perhaps will be again. Take advantage of this time to secure a loan for your remodeling project, and start to plan your remodel now. You’ll get much more for your money with little to no interest on your remodeling loan.

3. You Can Do Almost Everything through Virtual Consultations

Now that you are stuck at home with hours to fill, take this time to put the wheels in motion on your remodeling project. Schroeder Design/Build is offering Virtual Consultations that can cover the gamut of the preparations you need to make prior to actual construction. Here are some of the remodeling tasks we’ll help you accomplish now without ever having to meet in person:

  • Initial Consultation with one of our Project Consultants (an ideal time to ask questions and talk pricing)
  • Virtual Walk-Through of your Home
  • Creation & Finalization of Design Agreements and Documents
  • Architectural Drawings
  • Selections
  • Permits

4. You’ll Get Ahead of the Queue

When the COVID-19 crisis abates and things get back to normal, the floodgates will open with people who want to start remodeling projects. We’re currently working on plans, design and construction projects now for those who don’t want to get lost in the pack!

5. Remodeling Jobs Will Be Completed Faster

We’re seeing jobs being completed 25% faster. We are still doing construction work in our clients’ homes, but with fewer jobs, we are completing the work much more quickly. We all have the time right now to devote to making your project a success.

6. You’ll Be Helping the Local Economy

When you engage Schroeder Design/Build for a remodeling project, you are helping not only our local family owned and operated business, in addition, you’re providing jobs for all of those people who work on your jobs, who then spend their earnings to support other local businesses in our local community.

7. Safety is Our Number One Priority

When we work with our clients in their homes now, we take unprecedented cautionary protocol to ensure the safety of your family and our team members. We are cordoning off the areas in which we are working with plastic sheeting to separate the area from your living spaces and working on outdoor projects. We are supplying our crew members with protective gear and hand sanitizers, and we’re requiring that they take precautions to maintain a safe distance from others. We are even checking our team members for any signs of the virus prior to allowing them to work.

Things Will Get Back to Normal

We are in the oddest of times right now, with practically the entire United States on lockdown due to the COVID-19 virus. But we’ll get through it. Over the next months, your life will become normal again, and the economy will begin to recover. Then hopefully the sacrifices we made throughout the spring of 2020 will become a distant memory.

In the meanwhile, start thinking about how you would like to enhance your home. And give us a call at 703-499-1700 or send us an email at info@schroederdesignbuild.com. We’re ready to start designing now.

Let Schroeder Design/Build plan Your Remodel Now

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Use this time now to start planning your remodel now. Contact Schroeder Design/Build today.