Mark Gill, General Manager of Schroeder Design Build, Flies HighYou might know Mark from his active area networking, and as a two-time past president of a local BNI chapter. You might also have worked closely with him on your home renovation project, because he takes tremendous pride in delivering quality work by helping define your vision of a dream home, and ensuring your dreams come true. 

“When I joined Schroeder Design/Build back in 2013,” beams Mark, “I quickly understood what it takes to run a successful remodeling business: individual empowerment. Systems-based and growth-minded, Schroeder encourages personal and professional growth and development for its employees, and shares that enthusiasm with its loyal clients.”

Starting as a sales and design manager, Mark’s expertise propelled him to General Manager, and official co-ownership this year. His biggest accomplishment was improving business processes to help reduce the company’s reliance on its owners. “We value our people the most,” continues Mark. “Great results stem from empowering our teams and optimizing our systems.”

Mark partnered with Andrew the CEO to reinvent how SBD does business. “We adopted new training programs and became even more collaborative,” smiles Mark. “Owners’ duties were shifted to staff, and communications were streamlined with the implementation of new technology. We thrive on sharing accolades, and encouraging each other to grow and succeed!”

Mark’s enthusiasm flows into every aspect of his life, including an obsession with “all things airplanes”. The hobby was triggered a few decades ago when a friend of his parents gave him flying lessons after his father’s death – and he’s been in love with flight ever since. “There’s nothing more exhilarating than flying, and nothing cooler than planes.”

A Sentimental Journey

Mark Gill, General Manager of Schroeder Design Build, Flies High

It’s a sunny day in Manassas Virginia.  The blue sky holds a few puffy white clouds and a few WWII era fighters and bombers. Schroeder Design Build co-owner and GM, Mark Gill and his wife Lisa, stroll around the airport inspecting the planes and talking to the crews.  

B17 WWII bomberMark struck up a conversation with a crew member of a restored B-17 bomber from WWII, named Sentimental Journey. They encouraged him to become part of the Commemorative Air Force’s mission to honor those that had served on those planes so many decades ago and to inspire current and future generations to do great things. Now, several times a tour season, you will find Mark flying as part of the crew on a vintage B-29 Superfortress named FIFI.

When I asked Mark about his obsession with flying on WWII era planes, his eyes light up.

“I can remember the exact isle in the grocery store where they kept the model airplanes.  I think I was 8 or so years old.  My mom would leave me there to look at the planes, while she and my sisters grocery shopped (You could do that in our small town).“

“I had been staring at a particular model plane for three weeks when Mom finally let me buy it.  After that all my savings went to buying and building those model airplanes. My love of planes, and respect for those who did what had to be done to create a better world, grew from there. Reading about the crews and their leaders, I saw that ‘belief in the cause’ led to ownership of the outcome and then, ultimately to success.” 

“When I joined Schroeder Design/Build back in 2013,” Mark relays with the same twinkle in his eye.  “I quickly understood for a remodeling business to be successful it’s team members must believe in the service our company delivers, own their mission and the success of each remodeling project. Schroeder encourages personal and professional development for our team and shares that enthusiasm with our loyal clients.”  Leadership doesn’t need to shine, the craft of our teams and their pride in workmanship does. 

Mark sees his biggest accomplishment as improving processes and systems. “We value our people the most,” continues Mark. “Great results stem from encouraging others to realize their potential and giving them the tools to succeed.

We thrive on doing it well, doing it right”. I want our clients to not just see the work behind their remodel, but the excellence we put into everything we do for their home.”

Whatever you do in life, do it with joy and purpose,” encourages Mark. “I feel the same joy and sense of purpose with my Schroeder team as I do in the air, learning and experiencing life to the fullest. When you help others to realize their full potential, great things happen. Whether you’re creating a dream home or living your dreams, the sky’s the limit!”

Enjoy these incredible photos from his recent trip to August, GA May 25-28, 2022. Visit our Team Page to learn more about the interesting and celebrated lives at Schroeder Design Build.

Mark Gill, General Manager of Schroeder Design Build, Flies High     Mark Gill, General Manager of Schroeder Design Build, Flies High     Mark Gill, General Manager of Schroeder Design Build, Flies High