As a remodeling company in Northern Virginia, we get a lot of requests for white kitchens. Whether it’s the fact that a white kitchen is bright and cheery, or looks clean and fresh, white kitchens are always in style.

White was always a color associated with sanitation, as is evident by its use in hospitals and medical settings, and throughout the early 1900s to 1930s it was about the only color available for a kitchen design. Even though other colors are now available, white remains the most popular kitchen color.

Here are Some Reasons Why a White Kitchen is Always in Style:

A White Kitchen Looks Clean

Since our brains relate white to cleanliness, white is a good color for those focused on healthy living. Dirt shows up more in a white kitchen too, which gives you added incentive to keep it shiny clean.

White is a Great Neutral

A white kitchen allows you creativity in in wall colors and accent pieces. It works as a great neutral backdrop that allows you to infuse your personality into the room with cooking essentials, paint and decorative pieces. Even your cabinet hardware and fixtures will pop. Plus, anything goes with white!

A White Kitchen Feels Larger

White surfaces on countertops, cabinets and appliances reflect light, allowing the kitchen to feel open and spacious. In addition, with more reflected light, the room itself will be brighter. This is scientifically supported by the LRV or Light Reflective Value. White offers an LRV of almost 100%, while black is closer to 0%. Dark colors can make you feel closed in, especially in a smaller kitchen without a lot of natural light.

A White Kitchen is Timeless

If you choose a busy pattern for your kitchen, you may quickly tire of it. You may also find it difficult to decorate around. A kitchen is a long-term investment, so it is best to design around a neutral that will never go stale. If you feel it is time for a change, it is easy to update the look of a white kitchen with simple paint or décor modifications. A white kitchen is also a bonus when you go to sell your home—potential buyers love white kitchens.

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There are Variations in Whites

“White” doesn’t necessarily mean a stark white. Whites come in a wide variety of shades and tones, both warm and cool. Imagine a rosy tone or a soft winter white in your kitchen.

Not Everything Has to be White

Although white appliances are popular again, there is no reason why you can’t use colors or stainless steel appliances in your white kitchen. Even black works when scaled correctly; white cabinets with black marbled countertops can be quite beautiful. Think about marble or wood finishes that infuse texture and color into an all-white décor. Consider open or glass-front upper cabinets that enable you to add pops of color. Mix and match to create your own personal space.

Let Schroeder Design/Build Create Your White Kitchen

Since 1986, Schroeder Design/Build, Inc. has been creating white kitchens (and other colors) for homeowners throughout Northern Virginia. We have a full design and architectural team on staff to help you with your kitchen design and selections, and a dedicated field team to expertly install your kitchen. Check out our kitchen portfolio for kitchen inspirations!

You don’t have to live with a kitchen that is outdated or one that doesn’t suit your needs or aesthetic style. Come talk to us. Contact Schroeder Design/Build today.