How Adding A Second Story To Your Home In
Fairfax County Can Maximize Comfort

A Second Or Third Floor Expansion Can
Greatly Improve Your Life

We could all use more space, and adding a second story in Fairfax County could be just what you need to maximize your home’s comfort level.

Few would pass up the opportunity for extra space in their homes, and now homeowners are embracing the next level by adding additional floors to their residences.

How does this enhance the comfort of your home?

In what ways can an extra story elevate your quality of life?

At Schroeder Design Build, we specialize in second-story expansions for homeowners in Fairfax County.

We’d like to share with you some ways that adding a second story to your home can bring many benefits that significantly improve your life and the comfort of your house overall.

How Adding An Additional Story Increases Your Comfort

An additional story, sometimes called a “pop top,” is an extensive remodeling project. By adding this to your home, you’re making a dramatic change that can produce life-changing benefits.

Square Footage

The most obvious benefit will be the potential doubling in your home’s square footage. A home expansion like this not only provides ample space for your family but also stands as a significant asset for potential buyers when you decide to sell your home.

The square footage alone will increase your home’s value even before considering what you decide to do with all of that extra space.

Extra Space

Those words are music to many homeowners’ ears. One of the key advantages of adding an extra floor is the effective separation it brings to your living spaces.

Adding an extra floor eliminates the need for a home office sharing space with the living room or bedroom, for example. Instead, a home office can have its own dedicated area, providing the necessary room for a family member to efficiently accomplish their tasks.

Enhanced privacy, a dedicated creative space, and fewer interruptions are valuable advantages for anyone working from a home office. Moreover, the tranquility, peace, and quiet that come with it may be the most comforting benefits of all.

A home office is just one example of what can be done with all the extra space. Imagine the impact it could have on a growing family with diverse multi-generational needs. Whether your children are sharing a bedroom, you have an adult child moving back home, or aging parents in need of care, an additional story can provide the functional space required to accommodate their bedroom needs and ensure living comfort.

These are just two examples of significant ways the extra space can be used to improve your life and the lives of your family members.

Additions To The Family

The arrival of a newborn is a joyous addition to the family. However, as our families grow, the available space in our homes may not keep pace. Introducing an additional story becomes a transformative solution.

Adding another floor that accommodates two or three additional bedrooms, an extra bathroom, and more can significantly reshape the way your family experiences daily living.

You Don’t Have To Relocate

Let’s be honest – moving is something nobody enjoys. Yet, an additional floor can address issues that, in different situations, would only be resolved by relocating.

Whether your family is expanding or you simply desire extra space for a home gym or personal library, adding another story allows you to stay in your home and neighborhood while obtaining the additional space you desire.

When you’re prepared to incorporate an extra story into your home, reach out to Schroeder Design Build for an exceptional remodeling experience.

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